Friday, June 8, 2012

How to Get Good Luck Fast

If you wish to learn how to get good luck then you must be willing to explore your own mental limitations and preconceptions that might hold you back from archiving your wildest dreams. How to get good luck in your life is highly dependent on the mental frameworks you are willing to work/act upon. Your family history, your religious views, your personal experiences, they all play a highly important role in how you attract good luck. There is been several books and even movies, such as the Secret, that aim at revealing how to get good luck, yet what most of them fail to distinguish is that different people attract good luck in different ways.

I have create a basic model of how to get good luck based on seven types of personalities (based upon the Chakra system):

Red cords help Red personalities get good luck
  1. Red Type of Personality: People with a predominantly red energy in their aura are very active and focused on the material world. Not necessarily in a bad sense but in a grounding, material way. They like adventure sports and generally have very pragmatic believes. They might belong to a religion, but they do not adhere to it 100%. For them, to get good luck is a matter of learning to thrust in the process of life. Learning to let go. Usually red personalities are very attached to material things, learn to detach from your ideas on how the world should function and begin to give thanks every time you encounter something good, fortunate, every time lady luck kisses you. At first, you might want to use a red good luck object if you wish to get good luck fast. This good luck charm might help you improve your good luck short-term but eventually you need to learn to use your mind alone. Make sure you visit my official page for a list of red good luck charms.
  2. Orange Type of Personality: The orange people are very creative indeed, they enjoy life to the fullest and are literally "guilt free". They are spontaneous but might seem a little overwhelming to some people with more passive personalities. Perhaps the best way to how to get good luck in your life if you are of an orange personality is actually being intimate with your loved-one. Intimacy and touch is a great way to spark your mental creative energies and attract good luck into your life. Literally there is no better good luck spell for orange people than a passionate night. If you wish to attract good luck you must use good luck essential oils and other liquid talismans in order to enhance your creative fluidity and activate your inner power.
  3. Yellow Type of Personality: The happiest people on earth. When they feel happy EVERYBODY knows it. They tend to be very grateful people and just shine with a smile. One very powerful characteristic of yellow people is that they really really like themselves (in a good way). They perceive themselves in a positive light and it shows. For them to get good luck they must be surrounded by their power element, the Sun. Using solar talismans and other types of crystals that capture the sun's powerful energies is the best good luck talisman for them.
Get Good Luck:
...If you wish to continue reading about the other personality types and how to get good luck using specific good luck amulets, visit my official website

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